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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Garden flowers for a friend's wedding.

The garden seemed to peak

late this year.  Our spring was wet enough to keep the sump pump going 24 hours a day but summer was rather dry.  Honestly, I wasn't sure what would be available in the garden for a late September wedding.
I snipped everything that was in the garden!  These bright orange dahlias were new for me this year.  Their spherical shape is absolutely gorgeous when in full bloom.  These weren't quite open all the way but we needed the color. 
The dahlias were beautiful although there weren't as many as I would have liked.  I tend an organic garden so you'll notice some petals that were affected by slugs.  The damaged petals are easy enough to trim off and it keeps chemicals out of the garden.
I love sedum!  A perennial that adds subtle color to the garden, it's become one of my favorites.  It needs little care and offers color in various shades from mid summer to late fall.  It's also fabulous for attracting pollinators and on a warm sunny day is always full of bees!  Hydrangeas that sport a lovely blue color in August, lend warm and creamy shades in September.
When we bought our 209 year old house, it came with a bag of dahlia tubers in the basement!  Sadly, they had been there for several years and were dried out.  But they inspired me to order new tubers for my son's wedding last year and they didn't disappoint the second time around!  I snipped some of the vintage ivy vines for their ability to "waterfall" from a bouquet.
I can't take credit for planting the ferns but they are plentiful and make terrific filler in arrangements.
I added some boxwood to the buckets and each color complimented the next.  It was all a gift for the bride and I encourage you to give things from your garden away too.  Pass on kindness!

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