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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's May Day.

May 1st exudes springtime and it was wonderful to come home and
find that the neighbors had hung a May basket on our front door!  A fabulous nod to spring and friendship.

Years ago, while living in Annapolis, we came to enjoy the May Day baskets.  It's a tradition for businesses and homeowners alike to hang a May Basket on their door on May 1st.  We loved walking the quaint streets in search of our favorite basket!

The Maypole

The May-pole is up,
Now give me the cup;
I'll drink to the garlands around it;
But first unto those
Whose hands did compose
The glory of flowers that crown'd it.

A health to my girls,
Whose husbands may earls
Or lords be, granting my wishes,
And when that ye wed
To the bridal bed,
Then multiply all, like to fishes.

by Robert Herrick

Click here for the history of the may pole; a May 1st tradition.

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