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Friday, May 4, 2018

Wicked Tulips Flower Farm; Johnston, Rhode Island

If you're in need of

a day trip suggestion and you're located within a couple of hours of Providence, plan a visit to Wicked Tulips Flower Farm.  This is the approach to the farm.  You can see cars parked in the field alongside a tent.

Purchase your tickets on-line before you go so you're guaranteed entry!
As you're driving in to the event, you pass right through the farm.

A spectacular antique barn.  This property is owned by the State of Rhode Island. 

There were lots of tips and hints offered by the farm.

Baskets and buckets are available but consider bringing your own.

This is the "show garden"; no picking here!

Tulips may be purchased for $1 a piece.
Almost everything is labeled and bulbs are available for sale.
The tulips are all at different stages of blooming.

Simpy lovely.

I quickly grabbed a watering can before I left home that already had several inches of rain water in it.

We took our time choosing our blooms to take home.

We purposely chose flowers that hadn't opened yet hoping the blooms would last longer at home.
Is this next week's picking field?  

An old family cemetery right in the middle of the tulips!
The event draws artists and photographers alike!

A freshly wrapped bouquet of tulips; what a wonderful gift!

They've thought of everything.

We made our way out past the farm.

Home to my kitchen sink where I cut and trimmed my purchase.
We were lucky enough to find the hand blown vase in the basement when we moved in.  Perfect for tulips!

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