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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A short stroll around Mystic, Connecticut.

We've been lucky enough to be experiencing some warmer than normal weather this fall.  It was the perfect afternoon to spend in the seaside village of Mystic.  Blue skies, 80 degree weather and a little bit of free time was all we needed!

The bridge in Mystic is incredible to watch open and close.  Notice the counterweights in the upper left hand of the photo.
 Cute shops are plentiful.
 The color of this door looks slightly tropical.

 Both Groton and Stonington contribute to the area we call Mystic.
 Imagine your office here!  A beautiful view of the river.
 These girls were working hard.

 You'll find more traffic here on a weekend in the summer!

You may choose to go on a whale watching tour, or you can just enjoy the whales on land.
 A quaint example of an early American home in Mystic.
 Love this color!

 A lovely example of shoreline artwork.
 What a clever display!

 A quick haircut perhaps?
I'll wait here with my book.

 A glimpse into the past.
 Just a stone's throw from the river.....

 Jewels from the beach.
 Very witty.
 Soon to be redeveloped; the wharf awaits it's fate.
 This is why we like to live by the water.
 This building has weathered more than a few storms!

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