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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today, Sept. 29th, 2015, is National Coffee Day!

I am happy to admit it.  I drink a lot of coffee.  However, I'm not a coffee snob; I'll drink any flavor (as long as it's hot) that you give me.  I love holding a hot mug of coffee although I'll happily sip out of a Styrofoam cup too!  I'll even drink instant coffee....stop wrinkling your nose.  It's better than no coffee at all!

I thought that since today, September 29, 2015 is National Coffee Day, I'd get out my coffee press.  It was a Mother's Day from my son several years ago and it makes a wonderful cup of fresh "brewed" coffee. 
 My coffee press.  Some are smaller, some are larger and some are fancier.  This one is perfect for me.
 My press makes approximately 4 cups of coffee.  Measure your grounds into the bottom of the press.
 A dash of cinnamon gives it extra flavor.
 Add boiling water....
  Let steep for a few minutes before "pressing".

In honor of National Coffee Day, several coffee chains are having specials on coffee; some even offering a free cup.  Be sure to check individual websites for rules.  State laws don't allow all locations to participate in some cases.  If your local coffee shop isn't listed here, check with them individually to see if they are celebrating National Coffee Day.

The Dunkin Donuts offer can be found here.
Krispy Kreme's offer is listed here.
Cumberland Farms can be found here.
Seattle's Best has an offer too.  Details can be found here.
Although I couldn't find a special specifically for today, Starbucks is planting a coffee bean tree if you buy a bag of coffee.  Details for Starbucks can be found here.

If you enjoy a doughnut with your coffee and you'd like to make your own, go here for a previously posted recipe!

Hooray for coffee and doughnuts!

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