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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Putting a new dock in the water on the coast of Maine.

We happened to be out for a walk with the camera when the tractor approached the boat launch with the dock!  Do we ever really think about the effort that goes into things like this?  Or do we take for granted the hard work and time involved in keeping the waterfront maintained?  In a working harbor, shore related activities happen all the time.  This activity is necessary for the infrastructure of the harbor and certainly fun to watch!
Against a crisp blue sky, the dock is backed down to the water.
It's unhooked from the trailer and "pushed" into the harbor.
Now that the dock is floating on it's own......
.....the tractor pulls away from the launch.
Awaiting the ride to it's new destination.
The worker jumps onto the dock and prepares for transit.
Two workers climb into the boat that will deliver the new dock.

The boat is brought around.
It's positioned for movement of the dock.

Almost ready to begin the journey.

The trek is underway.
The harbor is calm; a perfect day for this adventure.

They easily maneuver around the boats and other docks in the harbor.

A lobster boat passes behind them.
The jaunt continues and they are past the moored boats.
Getting close to the harbors entrance.
Where are they headed?  We can't be sure.  A neighboring island perhaps!

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