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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Small Town America and a 4th of July Parade

Independence Day; the birth of our nation, will be celebrated across the nation today in many different ways.  There will be elaborate (not to mention expensive) fireworks displays in our nation's capital along with other large cities spread across America.  I was a bit disappointed to see that the fireworks in Boston don't even begin until 10:30.  Hopefully it hasn't become a media stunt; that seems a bit late for small children that wait with anticipation throughout the day for this magnificent display of light and sound.
Isn't this what it is about; the small town coming together to celebrate without all of the expensive pomp and circumstance?
 Children love a parade and we love to see them participate.
 Get out your red, white and blue!
 A day to honor our Veterans....
....and show off our colorful antique automobiles!
 There are tractors....
 .... and golf carts!
 Cars built in America.....

 ....and some not built in the USA but seem to be American icons.

 What's a parade without horses?

 Someone has to do it.

 Happy 4th of July from The Old Granite Step!

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