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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Birds in the Blizzard

Yesterday's blizzard proved a challenge for everyone, including our feathered friends.  We went outside periodically to wipe the snow from the feeders and replace the water in the bowl.  The birds were here all throughout the storm but you'll notice the light changes according to how the snow was coming down at the time.  The cold wind is evident in some photos where feathers are askew. 

 The photos are in the order that I took them.  The Gold Finches are usually first to arrive in the morning.
 Suddenly the storm came in with a vengeance. 
 The Red-Bellied woodpecker had a hard time hanging on.

 The male Cardinal almost seemed to enjoy it.

 The small maple tree is a favorite perch near the feeders.

 The Junco or "snowbird" sat still for so long, he collected snow on his face and back.
 The sparrow looks rather angry.
 Birds seem to "share" more in a storm.
 The female Cardinal doesn't look happy to see the sparrow.
 But she adapts to the others.

 The Blue Jay leaves his perch.
 She appears to pose!

 The wind gets the best of her.
 Birds need water in the winter.  This is an electric dog bowl. 
 The Pine Siskin are never alone.

The storm is winding down.  Peace.

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