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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Brisk Day in Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Not far from the New York border sits the wonderfully eclectic town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  A great place for a walk, Stockbridge offers something for everyone.  Quintessential New England abounds here and it made for a terrific outing on a cold but sunny winter day.
The branches of the tree sans leaves makes a beautiful frame for the stone church tower.
This stone wall rambles on and on and on.....
A lovely leaded window flanks the door that neither opens nor shuts.
Set back from the center of town, the garage has perhaps seen busier days.
A colorful and inviting entrance.
This fabulous home is for sale!  Intrigued?  You can find the listing here.
Christmas is only a memory for this old window.
Is it the carefully carved trim or the sleepy color we're drawn to on this quaint little barn?
Tom Sawyer would not have enjoyed whitewashing this fence!  Mark Twain's home was a short distance away in Hartford, Connecticut.
Rumor has it that Tories lived here; at least that's what the black paint on the white chimney is thought to mean.  
Seems quite cozy.
I absolutely love these birch "candles" of sort!  The glass balls are situated on top of birch logs which have been decorated with greens.  We can only imagine how pretty they are at night when the light shines on them.

There are gorgeous windows like this all over town.  Although a bit neglected, this one seems to beckon us to the attic of the graceful old home.
The Stockbridge Library is currently undergoing major renovations.  I wonder how this exquisite trim will be affected; if at all.
A small stained glass window with a big heart.
Stunning against the blue sky.
The charming shops invite us in to browse.
Be sure to look down every alley.  Shops and restaurants are tucked into every nook and cranny.
The Red Lion Inn has stood like a sentinel in town for more than two hundred years. 
A little snow doesn't bother the lion at all.
We chose to have lunch here.  A fire greeted us in the parlor as we entered and we hated to leave.  Our meal was delicious!
A bit chilly for the rockers this time of year.  We'll need to make another trip during warmer weather.

The icicles foretell the temperature.
The homes here are full of charm.
Tucked away behind the sidewalk is this cute cottage.
Coffee is absolutely necessary on a day like this!  The mercury never rose above eighteen degrees.
Another glorious window.
Does this whimsical canine greet us or bid us adieu?  Perhaps both.

Stockbridge is home to the Norman Rockwell Museum.  It's not a museum to be rushed through so we chose to visit another day.  Tanglewood, in nearby Lenox, is the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. 

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