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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Late Summer Garden

As fall approaches on tiptoes, we appreciate the blooms left in the garden.  Where has the summer gone?

The quintessential garden gate.

With a seat that you or I may may fall through, this chair has become a perfect home to these playful flowers.

What's a garden without a wheelbarrow full of stones?

Pure color.

The sunflowers are beginning to droop slightly.....

....while hollyhocks still reach for the sky.

We will ignore the negative wind chills on the rain gauge for now.

A wonderful combination of color.

Birds and squirrels alike appreciate the dried sunflowers.

Weary hands lay down a simple garden tool. 
The sunflowers are at ease as they rest on the fence.

The garden is home to everyone!  The spiderweb is a masterpiece of creativity.

The garden is home to items that we re-purpose for their new location.

The tiny heirloom tomatoes won't give up easily.

Laundry is fresher when the solar dryer is used!

Old insulators adorn the clothesline.

The watering cans stand guard.....until next summer.

Honeybees find nourishment in the garden.

These blooms wave gently like sea anemones on the garden floor.

The cat scowls as we wake him from his nap.

But he agrees to let us share his peaceful space.

Everything has a purpose here.

The silvery wings of the dragonfly illuminate the garden.

The verbena reaches for the final rays of the afternoon.

This watering can finds solace in the shade.

A stone marks a special place.

“I trust your Garden was willing to die ... I do not think that mine was—it perished with beautiful reluctance, like an evening star—"

Emily Dickinson, 1880

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  1. What a beautiful, inspiring and colorful garden with many surprises. Thank you for sharing with your readers...love the sweet old kitty...what's a garden without a cat!