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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Head to Unity, Maine for the Common Ground Fair!

For thirty-seven years this weekend has been a favorite in the small town of Unity, Maine.  People travel from all over the country to attend the Common Ground Fair; an agricultural showcase presented by MOFGA, The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardners Association.  Unity, home of Unity College, plays host to this fun and educational fair that allows all of us to show our local farmers how much they are appreciated!

September 19, 20 and 21 will bring over 60,000 to this small hilltop town for the 38th annual event.  Not to be missed, the fair showcases agricultural traditions of Maine.  You won't find a Ferris wheel or Scrambler here!  There are no midway games to play.  There is however, good wholesome fun stressing a more sustainable way of life.  Enjoy great food, wonderful local musicians and the companionship of people dedicated to supporting their local farmers.  Click here to download a list of this year's vendors.

We headed straight to the Pie Cone booth; an attendee favorite!
What other flavor would you choose in Maine except blueberry?

Sheepdog demonstrations are just one of the popular events at the fair.

For a list of other activities and events, click here.

The farmers market has so much to offer!

Whether it's at the Common Ground Fair Farmer's Market or your local market, you're supporting local agriculture with every purchase.
Bees play a very important role in successful farming.  Honey abounds on this display.
This fruitful bounty offers something for everyone!

The fiber tent is an attraction not to be missed.
I have a feeling these spinners are practicing their craft all week; not just on Wednesdays!

Beautifully dyed fleece waiting to be spun.

Patience with the wheel pays off.

This sign says it all.  Good karma ; pass it on!

A flower garden on the fairgrounds.

The peace and beauty of this operation is powerful.
These horses were born to work on the farm.  In many cases, farmers rely on them every day.
You'll find many informative demonstrations at the Common Ground Fair.  Click here for a list of Agricultural demonstrations. 
The Maine Stoneworkers Guild plays an important role in the fair.  Be sure to visit the fabulous stone sundial they created on the Common.

So much nicer than a noisy midway ride!  A terrific way to end the day.

If you attend the Common Ground Fair this year, have fun!  
If you can't make it, check with one of your local agricultural organizations to see if there's a similar fair in your area.

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