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Friday, March 22, 2019

Collecting the sap and making the maple syrup.

Making maple syrup isn't

difficult but it's time consuming.   We're a home based operation and we don't sell retail products.
Collecting sap as the sun comes up is very peaceful.
Crystal clear sap from a maple tree.  
Since we're doing this the old fashioned way and we're not using tubes or fancy methods, we like to collect every last drop.

We're boiling outside on the grill and beginning the finishing process on the side burner prior to bringing it in to the kitchen.
Jars and lids are sterilized.

You can see that the sap is turning a golden color.  I'll skim the foam off the top throughout the process.
Turning a bit darker in color....
even darker....I can't tell you how wonderful it smells in here!  Reminiscent of childhood visits to the sugarhouse.
I begin to watch the temperature.  One more degree to go.  I'll pull it off the heat at 219 degrees Fahrenheit. 
We tried using coffee filters at first but found that it was well worth the purchase of a filter specifically designed for syrup.
I use the pan lid to keep the syrup warm while filtering.  You have to be patient!
The jars are filled and tipped upside down for ten minutes in order to seal.

The first batch of the season!
A few inches of snow and it's time to collect the sap again.  We find that the sap runs the best when the days are above freezing and the nights are below.

I can't wait to get into the garden!

The sap continues to run nice and clear.

Every last drop.....
and the next batch is done!

The color of the syrup may change depending on the week the sap was collected.  Our darkened over time but it all tastes delicious!
From left to right.....first batch to most recent.

Worthy of the angel's watchful eye.
Taste for yourself....sweet and yummy.  From tree to table.  Fabulous!

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