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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Planting seeds in eggshells.

This is a great time to start seeds

indoors!  While it's still grey and chilly outside, add some new growth to your windowsill with this quick and easy method.  It's great to involve children in this project as well.  Simply crack your eggs at more of a 3/4 mark than in the middle.  Set the yoke and the white aside for breakfast!  Carefully wash the egg out with soap and water.  Let dry.  You may worry about salmonella.  Simply wash the eggs the same way that you would wash your hands after using eggs when baking or take other precautions you may deem necessary.
I found it easy to use an egg carton in order for the eggs to stand up while planting. 
Purchase a couple of seed packets.  Since spring is really dragging her feet this year, it's fun to see the colorful packets in the store!  Choose a couple that interest you.
Fill the eggs about 3/4 full with potting soil.  Sprinkle a few seeds in the egg and cover with a light layer of potting soil.  Water but do not drench!  Water as needed.
Put in a sunny spot; I chose the kitchen window sill.
Once the tiny plants began to grow, I transferred them to some antique egg cups.  You may choose to nest your eggs in shredded paper grass and put them in a teacup; they make great small gifts!
Don't be discouraged if they don't all start to grow at the same time!  Different seeds grow at different rates.  After the chance of frost has passed, you may plant them directly in your garden; eggshell and all.  The shell is a good source of calcium for the plant.

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