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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fetching water from the spring.

If you've ever had the opportunity to taste water fresh from the spring, you know how delightful it is.  Crisp, clear, cold water right from the ground.  No additives or chemicals; it's wonderful!  I have memories from when I was young of stopping by a spring with my mom (which I believe is still there) and getting water for our aquarium.
This spring is in Bristol, Maine.  It's located in a very public location and is there for everyone to enjoy.  On a recent trip to Newfoundland we waited in line to get spring water!  There's not usually a line in Bristol but you may encounter one or two folks ahead of you.  It's a terrific treat to keep in the fridge.
 Originally placed here in 1914, the trough was "renovated" several years ago.
A beautifully quaint little spot for a refreshing drink of water.  Next time you're on your way to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, stop by and show your children what it's like to get water right from the ground instead of a water treatment plant!
Yes!  There is water in the glass.  Crystal clear and ice cold for your enjoyment.  Remember John Drummond next time you have a sip!  What a nice memorial.

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  1. My grandfather seemed to know where all the springs were, so my Gram always kept cups (& a paring knife, in the event of a fruit-stand stop!) in the car, "just in case". We used them frequently. Thank you for the memory smile.