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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A greeting card that will grow on you!

In this age of modern technology we tend to rely on our computers and our cell phones for keeping in touch with our friends and our families.  It’s all too easy to send a text message or to hit SEND after writing a quick email.  Just think, we can compose one email and send it to everyone at once, with the click of a button.  We seem to have forgotten how nice it feels to be on the receiving end of an actual handwritten note or a handmade card.

We can trace the history of hand made greeting cards back to 15th century Europe.   Here in the US, mass production of greeting cards began in the 1860’s.  Although it’s a convenient option, it’s not always the most personal. 
Imagine…you open the mailbox, pull out the mail and there it is; actual ink, a pretty stamp, real handwriting….no type!  It doesn’t happen to me very often, but I savor that moment when it does.  I’d like to challenge all of you to not only send a handwritten piece of correspondence, but to send a simple handmade card as well!  By using a blank card and a pretty package of flower seeds, you can not only create a beautiful card, but a thoughtful gift as well.  You can find blank cards at your local craft store.  Seed packets can be found in many different locations but start at your local garden center.  The photos used on the package are close up and colorful.  Several seed companies offer artist renderings of the flowers.  They are truly tiny works of art themselves!  Perhaps you’ll choose the favorite flower of your recipient or a flower that’s their favorite color!  
Blank cards and envelopes
Various seed packets
Paint, crayons, colored pencils, etc.
Spray glue (or any craft glue)
Ribbon - optional

I opted to paint with watercolors around the edge of my card before gluing the seed packet onto the card.  You can use markers, crayons or whatever you’re comfortable drawing with.  I painted a matching flower on the envelope.  Glue the seed packet to the front of the card using spray glue or craft glue.  Seed packets with smaller seeds work best although you can ask the post office to hand stamp your card when sending it.  Using a hold punch, you can lace a ribbon through the card. 
I think at one time or another we’ve all picked up a greeting card in the store and thought “I can do better than that!”  Well, here’s your chance.  What will you write on the inside…a poem, a rhyme, a short story?  This is your chance to really shine and to put the extra special personal touch on your card.  If you’re at a loss for words, use a poem that you love, just remember to cite the author.
Try this just once and the satisfaction you get from making it and sending it will match that of the recipient receiving it!  Make something nice for someone special.  Perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or a birthday; it's sure to be appreciated.

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