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Monday, November 16, 2015

Lighthouses - A game.

I happen to love board games.  If you love lighthouses, this is for you.

They're a link to our past that's often over looked these days.  Some are extremely interesting and have been produced locally.  The time that goes into research for these games is incredible. Although they're not a hand-held product of modern technology, they can teach us just the same.  I came across this game at a recent tag sale.  All of the pieces appeared to be intact and the board itself was in wonderful condition.  If you're drawn to lighthouses, you'll love the historical and trivial facts this game offers.
Interesting lighthouse facts are presented as you move along the coast of Maine.
The board itself is an interesting piece of art.
It's an easy game to play with a couple of dice and simple playing pieces.

The creator of the game seems to focus on lighthouse preservation; what a great idea.
A sample of questions you'll need to answer.
You'll suffer a setback if you draw one of these cards!
There are over 70 lighthouses you will learn about.
The flip side of each lighthouse card shows a simple drawing of the lighthouse; some very recognizable.
Did you know there were so many lights along the Maine coast?
What would the coast of Maine be without a Puffin?

I'll be showcasing other unique board games from time to time.  Enjoy your own personal quest for these entertaining games!

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  1. Beautiful boardgame. Do you know if this is still being made or if it can be purchased? If not, is the creator still living and can an updated version be made?