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Sunday, August 11, 2019

A very special bookstore in Maine.

If you're in Maine and you love books, you

have to visit Lobster Lane Book Shop!  Located on Island Road in Spruce Head (South Thomaston), you will be amazed at the quantity and quality of the books housed in this tiny, shingled, outbuilding.
 The view alone is worth the trip.
Completely unassuming from the outside, I was surprised at how neat and organized it was on the inside.  Most books are less than $5.
 Pull up a stool or hassock and peruse to your heart's desire.
 There are old books and brand new books.
 The Gardening section offered many choices.
This place is a local icon!  Their ad says "A destination for 57 years....worth the drive!"  I tend to agree.
 Bring a heavy canvas tote....you'll need it!
 Spruce Head is quintessential Maine.  A terrific summer destination!  

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