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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The wedding flowers; apres wedding.

Our son's recent wedding was graced with gorgeous flowers courtesy of my sister; the family florist.  Stunning, with deep burgundy,

lavender and blush and accented by deep green foliage, they were simply beautiful.  I have had Sea Holly (lower left) circled in my seed catalogues for years!  It will be in my garden next spring.
Late season hydrangeas add a plush quality to this arrangement.  
The elegant toss bouquet.

 The bridal bouquet was weightless and wispy.

  Simplified beauty.

Compelling succulents add life to the bridal bouquet and are easily re-purposed in a dish garden.
Find a container that holds water, fill with rocks, insert the succulent and add water to the top of the rocks.
 A nice remembrance for the bride and groom.

A color scheme that includes deep burgundy is so appropriate for a late October wedding.
Whimsical stock and delphinium frame the vintage dinner plates.

Re-purposed into a smaller bouquet.  A bit weary, but wonderful.  If you replenish the water often and cut the stems occasionally, they'll last a long time.
I cut the dahlias two days before the wedding in order to avoid the impending frost.  Now that the wedding is past, I'll be digging them up and tucking them in for the winter.
Fabulous, flowing garland was everywhere at the wedding!  We used it the following day at brunch.
Pumpkins were not used at the wedding but are seasonal in the yard.
Exuding a time gone by.
A hap-hazard array is lovely!
Framed by sunlight, this petite gathering of flowers makes me smile.
A simple yet elegant cake that the bride and groom cut into at the dinner reception.  Saved in the freezer for their first anniversary feast.  Wonderful cupcakes were offered to guests at the wedding.
The cake topper was originally used at the groom's grandparents wedding in 1951, then his parents wedding in 1980.  Three generations have been able to share in this tradition thus far.
 A "fun" cake matching the bride and groom's personalities.
Floral spheres graced the ceremony.  They now greet us at the front door.

Impressive days later.

A favorite container of mine.  The delicate white freesia compliments the robin's egg blue.
 Fabulous on the dining room table.

 I used some of the larger greens  in vintage watering cans.  They embellish our front porch.
My advice to you is to enjoy your flowers, wedding or other, for as long as you can.  Be creative and don't fret if the flower has begun to fade; just enjoy it!

Congratulations Cam and Ani and thank you Pam!

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  1. These photos are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!