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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Storms and rainbows on Nantucket.

It's hard to believe how fast the

weather changes in New England!  While there's a light coating of snow on the ground now, less than eight weeks ago it was 70 degrees.  We headed to Nantucket not realizing that we'd be enjoying one of the last truly warm weeks of the season.  Sitting outside on the ferry with coffee in hand was the perfect time to start a new pair of socks.
As you can see, interesting socks are imperative.
Island life relies on water transport.

We didn't know that a storm was brewing off the coast.  
We got as much time in walking on the beach as we could before the storm settled in.

Quiet streets in town were a telltale sign of the impending weather.
We found this meridian marker fascinating.  To learn more about true North and magnetic North, click here.
We always take time to enjoy the lovely island architecture.

Quaint cottages evoke island memories for some.  Grand mansions for others.

Back at the beach, the seals delighted in the waves.

The kite boarders took advantage of the wind.

There's something hauntingly special about being at the beach before a storm.

As the storm moved off to the north, blue sky began to show through the clouds.  
And a rainbow appeared in the mirror!

All was still quiet back in town.

It seemed so amazingly appropriate to stumble upon this once the storm moved off shore.

Back at the beach, time stands still.

An early morning walk led us here.  Built in the late 1800's, the Jethro Coffin House has seen many storms but remains remarkably unscathed.

A wonderful week on the island.

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