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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Open for the season; The Granite Hall Store in Round Pond, Maine

Several words come to mind when speaking of the Granite Hall Store.....charming, quintessential, old-fashioned, fun and quaint.  It's all of those and more! 

This delightful shop is located in the mid coast region of Maine; near Damariscotta and and Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.  It's a destination location for those who live in the area year-round, as well as those from away who are seasonal visitors.  

When the store opened in 1983, the owners lived upstairs.  A wonderful start, but after two short years they realized that more space was needed for the retail business.  When you burst through the front door (as the little children do), you feel like a child again as the penny candy greets you!  They carry everything you can imagine, from your old favorites like Turkish Taffy, to newer flavors such as mint covered chocolate malt balls; you'll find that you can't have just one!  Jars filled with colorful candies line the walls for your perusal.  

There are marvelous toys galore and helpful kitchen items to buy for yourself or give as a gift.  Gorgeous greeting cards and toiletry items; many that are made in Maine.  Shop for books or lovely hand made knit goods as well as socks, tablecloths and candles....all colorful and inviting.  Need a gift?  This is the place to shop!

Let's not forget the delicious ice cream!  There are several new flavors this year such as Peanut Butter Pie and Cherry Blossom.  This is the place to be on the 4th of July....just make sure you get in line quickly!

There is surely something for everyone at the Granite Hall Store!
The Granite Hall Store is located in the village of Round Pond; this is the view from the ice cream window!
 It's time....
 ......to flip the sign!  No neon here.
Formerly Fossett's Ice Cream Parlor; little children still sit on the steps.
Yes; all of this and hot peanuts too!

You can't leave Maine without one.
A seaside decor.

Any one of these items would make a terrific gift.
Tea for two?
Dazzling candles made in Maine.

Of course a penny candy store needs a gumball machine!
My boys loved the marbles.
Gleaming glass jars ready for this years treats!
Fragrant balsam pillows make memories last.
Just like it says on the box....traditional toys and games.

Hang one in your window.  So pretty when the light catches it.
A fashion statement or a necessity; perhaps both!

Cozy hand knit items.
A unique Maine buoy pillow.

Treat yourself to a beautiful scarf.

Dress up your dinner table!

Socks for all sizes.
We all love children's books.  One Morning in Maine is a favorite!
You may be lucky to hear someone tinkering on these keys while you shop.

An enjoyable selection of books.
Wonderful stories about the sea.

Put down those computer games and be creative....the old-fashioned way!

My dad played the harmonica; great memories.

Can you "Rock the Cradle" or "Walk the Dog"?

This pop will last the afternoon!
I admit...the Satellite Wafers are my favorite.
I always had good luck putting Turkish Taffy in the freezer, then smashing it into small pieces.  Easier to share that way.
.....and jars
......and more jars of candy!  Do you see your favorite?

Everyone needs Silly Putty!

My husband's favorite.
Hats and t-shirts galore.
A beautiful piece by a local artist. 

The afternoon draws to a close. 
Time to take the flag in.

The Granite Hall Store is a treasure indeed!
The Granite Hall Store opens in May and will be open for business until Christmas Eve.  

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  1. Great place to just putter around...and buy stuff...:) Ice Cream is a must