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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Guy Wolff Pottery and the forget-me-nots.

It's usually April when we begin to see the small blueish white flowers along the roadside.  But because of this year's late spring, we're invited to enjoy them into late May!  I envy the yards where they spread all over; begging the homeowner to put off mowing for another week.  

When looking for a small pot for some of these tiny beauties, I came across this one that I adore.  It's stamped G. Wolff & Co. I remember when Martha Stewart visited Guy at his quaint Connecticut studio.  He was just one man creating pots as fast as he could.  I'm kicking myself now that when I lived there, I never went to visit.  

Guy's website tells us that these white pots were originally made for Smith and Hawken (now closed, my favorite location was in New Canaan.  It's a bit of a tragedy because Target carries the line now).  Until 2006, these pots were made in America.  Now the pots are made in China, where a specific group of throwers is able to handle the quantity challenge.  You can find more information regarding the different Guy Wolff stamps here.

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