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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Consignment Finds; Brimfield, Massachusetts

Brimfield, Massachusetts is a rather nondescript New England town often attracting those that visit neighboring Sturbridge.  "Brimfield" is used loosely now to describe the antique mecca that appears several times throughout the year.  The stars shop Brimfield; as do top celebrity designers.  Movie producers scour the fields for props and are almost guaranteed to find what they need.  It's a collection of old and new that can't properly be described in words.  People travel from afar to visit Brimfield.  We spoke to a vendor from Oregon and one from Georgia.  There were license plates galore!  First timers are easy to spot as they wander aimlessly with their mouths agape at all of the "stuff".  The expert pickers have carts or wagons with them but there are porters you can hire to get your large items to the car.  Be sure to bring sunscreen and water.  My best piece of advice....bring your pick-up truck!

 Some collections like this one are eclectic.

 There are millions of random items such as this towel.
 Tools aplenty.

 I think Joanna Gaines would love these!

 Our first purchase.  Ten dollars and it will look lovely filled with apple blossoms.

 A Southern dollhouse?
 Lots of cast iron pans.  I posted some recipes here.
 I think we all need a carousel horse.

 There were many old wooden crates to pick from.
 A new paint job and this could come in handy in the sewing room.

 All sorts of lighting parts.
 Reminds me of high school.
 Having a wedding soon?  These make beautiful centerpieces or candle holders.
 Live on the water?  Hang one of these for decoration.
I bought one of these last time we were at Brimfield.  It's in the garden and I love how it looks in the rain.

 Live in the mountains?  Perfect wall decoration.
 Chairs, chairs and more chairs.
 Was this on Mork and Mindy?  $1,500 and it's yours.
 I was pleasantly surprised to see this old sign post.  Do you know where it's from?

 What will you press?

 Perhaps these patriotic beauties are from an old Tommy Hilfiger display.
 These make decorative planters.

 Could someone give me a hand?
 More pieces for a wedding!
 Ask for a hand and this is what you get!
 I adore blue bottles!  Read about my $5 box here.

 Where are the doors?

 More wedding ideas.

 These doors would look spectacular in your kitchen!
 Someone loved him once.

 There were many pretty hand hooked rugs.  They look great in a frame too.

 These are from j. tedder Design.  Functional and interesting.

 We saw lots of this going on.
 Surely you need a small dinosaur.
 Talk about wedding centerpieces!  There are hundreds at one dollar a piece.
 I wish I had purchased this.
 We saw several coat racks made from these.
 There's a thrift shop aspect to the show as well.

 Some vendors put more time into creating displays.
 A chair fit for a King.

 One stained glass window in your home brings so much character.

 A well loved doll.
 The enamel looked great.  All it needs is a paint job!
 School's out!

 For the artist studio.
 We found the doors!
 My grandparents had a similar painting in their living room.

 Need flatware?

 Watering can nozzles; truly unique.
 This did not come off of a small boat.
 Could you use two of these in your garden?

 Use these indoors or out.
 This is a dye machine for testing dyes on paper or cloth.  Not something you find everyday.

 My husband said, "No, we don't need the purple door."
Answers the question, "Where do old tools go?"

 Brimfield is just over an hour from Boston.  Cam Neely, this one's for you!
 This could be an interesting chair.

 There are a multiple of uses for these.

 Fisherman unite!

 Easy to hang in your family room.  Use them for table legs.

 Re-purposed beach bags?

 I have never seen a hot air balloon basket up close.

 Don't throw out that old chair; it can be re-woven.
 A cute way to re-purpose flour sacks.
 Beautifully restored boat engines.
 Now we know what happens to all of that flatware!

If you don't like to "do it yourself", you'll find things already done.
 We also found a tiny Griswold #3 cast iron pan.  You'll see it all cleaned up in a future post.
Our final purchase was a set of four old table legs.  I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with them.  We only spent $35 this year.  Not bad!

Brimfield runs through May 17th, 2015.

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