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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A walk in the garden after the rain.

I love the garden after the rain!  The way the glistening raindrops perch upon the petals and leaves is magical. 

The flowers nod in the breeze as if to say thank you for the much needed water.  I only wish I could share the smell of the damp mulch; it's divine!  Many of these lovely blooms are in containers so if you can't have a large garden, a container garden is quite nice.
 I had the feeling someone was watching!  This chipmunk enjoys the birdseed from the feeder.
 Droplets on the lilies and the lupines.

 Yes!  The daffodils are still in bloom.  What crazy weather we've had.
 June is for peonies.

 What a wonderful vibrant color!  The hummingbirds seem to enjoy it.

 The iris stands tall.

 A lone hyacinth blooms at the edge of the yard.
 The lilacs are almost gone by but are beautiful none the less.
 Hosta leaves collect the rain.

 A pretty white bleeding heart.
 Newly potted impatiens.
 Bleeding hearts come in many colors and varieties.

 Have you ever really studied an allium up close?  It's made up of hundreds of tiny flowers.

The perennial forget-me-not is going to seed.  It's a wonderful plant to share.
The angel among the phlox watches over the garden.

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