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Friday, April 24, 2015

Fishing with a child.

It was a beautiful weekend day about 20 years ago.  The local water company was hosting a fishing derby and our son asked if we would take him fishing.  How could we say no to such an innocent sport?  My husband kept a tackle box handy, although I'm not sure it was really outfitted with what we needed for this exciting trip to the reservoir.  He had his fishing license but I didn't have one so I quickly became the official photographer for this special outdoor event.  We brought a light picnic lunch with us and stayed for the better part of the sunny day.  

Honestly, it was one of the best days I remember from when the kids were little.  I had no idea then that this adorable little boy would grow up to embrace the sport!  With long hair and a beard now, standing over 6 feet tall, he fishes as much as possible.  He looks like a fisherman and I love that about him.  Many years ago he asked for "waders" for Christmas; a definite preference over a Nintendo game!  Saltwater seems to be his preference now, perhaps it's more exciting to stand at the edge of the ocean in the middle of the night while waiting for a "bite".  He had the opportunity to "wrap" his own fishing pole in his high school shop class and divulged to me the other day that it's still one of his favorite poles.  His collection of fishing lures is impressive and he buys and sells lures on a regular basis.  I have to admit, some of the hand-made lures he has are truly tiny works of art!

So take a little one fishing this weekend!  You'll create memories that last a lifetime and you could be creating a next generation fisherman!
It was a warm and sunny day on the reservoir.
Watch your local paper for fishing contests in your area.
The intense look while waiting for the first bite.
Filled with lures that weren't necessary for this type of fishing, my husband's tackle box served it's purpose.
Be careful of the barbs!
You need to find a good spot.
This little fisherman still practices catch and release.
For years I had bait in my refrigerator; right next to the milk.
It's important to have the proper tools; especially a license where needed.  Check your local laws.
The first (and I think last) catch of the day!

Introduce a child to the sport of fishing today!

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