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Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring on the Midcoast of Maine

Maine is a special place in any season.  But after an especially harsh winter, it's exciting to see spring emerge! 
 We found this guy sitting at the harbor.  What's he waiting for?!
 I love the color green.
 There are a few lobster boats that have been put in the water.
 Out with the old.....
 The clouds moved in and the raindrops came.  Serene.
 The crocuses poke through the old leaves.
 A shadow; that means the sun is out!
 This photo is not cropped.  He was that close!  The chickadee is the Maine state bird.
A Maine way of life.
 Freshly raked.
 Tulips reaching for the sun.
 It's important that you call this number to report certain sightings.
 Resting dinghy.
 Green grass to match the green shutters!
 A colorful spring window.
 A few more weeks......
 .....and we'll be kayaking again!
 The outgoing tide.
 The river is waiting.
 Flowing over the rocks.
 Waterside greenery.

 Hopefully this strawberry will survive any potential spring frost.
Even the American icon Red's Eats is ready for spring!  This was taken on the morning of opening day; April 20th.
 Roadside stands prepare.
 Apparently the dock will be receiving repairs.
 I love the blue traps.
 Easy to spot colors.
 A spring storm is on the horizon.
 Hundreds of new traps.
 What more could you need?
 The best pansy price we saw.
 What a vibrant shade of blue!
Peace and quiet. 

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