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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Put your hummingbird feeders out!

If you live in an area that is past any chance of a freeze, go ahead and put your humming bird feeder out!  They usually begin to show up in the central and southern New England area in late April/early May.  Hummingbirds are delightful to watch.  As you can see from the following photos, you may be able to attract several at a time.  We've had a dozen here at once and it's incredible to see how they interact.  If you can, hang several around your property.  They are amazing!
 The rain doesn't seem to bother them at all.
You don't have to use pre-mixed food.  In my opinion, I find that the hummingbirds seem to like the mixture I make better.  Simply boil water and mix 4 cups of water with 1 cup of white sugar.  Let the mixture cool before filling the feeder.  You can store it in your refrigerator for approximately one week.
Keep your feeder clean.  If you see mold start to grow at any time of the season, it's time to thoroughly wash the feeder.
This little one is stretching!
 It's fun to watch the hummingbirds perch!
Beautiful colors.
 The only hummingbird east of the Great Plains is the Ruby Throated Hummingbird.
 They are quick!  You need a steady hand with the camera along with some patience.
The hummingbirds aren't shy!  They'll get used to you watching from the window or even a chair outside. 

Update:  I saw my first hummingbird at the feeder this morning....May 5th!

Click here for more information on hummingbirds!

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