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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Grandma had a pink flamingo in her garden!

I tried to date this photo when I first saw it.  I had guessed the 50's because of the style of dress.  When I looked up the history of the pink garden flamingo I learned that the flamingo hit stores in 1957, which I think is close to the date of this photo.  My grandparents liked to garden and they had plants in their garden that we didn't have at home.  I have to admit; we didn't have a pink flamingo in our garden when I was a child, nor do I have one now.  But there's something legendary about this long legged creature.

A gentleman named Don Featherstone launched the creation of this garden entity in 1957 and the pink flamingo lives on!  Cado Company in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, acquired Union Products, the initial manufacturer of this wonderful American icon, whom Mr. Featherstone worked for. We see many knock offs these days, but occasionally I'll see an original for sale.  The pink has lost it's luster and the bird is usually missing a leg or two, but it's a true piece of American garden history
The flamingo stands at least knee high to Grandma!
Apparently, the original flamingo came in different poses. 

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