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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

An update on the sale of Barbara Cooney's house, along with a few early Spring photos.

Barbara Cooney's house in Damariscotta, Maine is still technically on the market.  I snapped these photos last weekend on a gray day along the coast.  Although the sign says "Sale Pending", it's been like this for many months.  The house is looking rather decrepit at this point and I find that to be incredibly sad!  You can read my original post about this delightful property here.
 There are a few crocuses trying to push up through the old leaves in the front garden by the drive.
 This is a wonderfully inviting entry way to such a glorious old home!
 The snow drops are coming up as well.  A sure sign that spring is here.
We can only hope that the new owner of this lovely old house appreciates the special qualities of the notable children's author who used to live here.
More colorful crocuses.  Are there lupines on the property as well?  Only Miss Rumphius knows!

 A copy of Miss Rumphius tied with a packet of 
lupine seeds makes a wonderful Spring gift!

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  1. Wow! This makes my heart ache a little. I want to go up there and buy that house! I LOVE Barbara Cooney's books and Im actually surprised that the house is being sold. The photos you posted of her studio with all her things still in it--- gahhh! Makes me a little weepy, to be honest. ;) happy to have stumbled upon your blog here!~ what a sweet space!~