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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

An early Spring walk around Wickford.


Wickford, Rhode Island is a charming seaside village that's loaded with lovely historical architecture.  There's nothing better to do on a warm spring

day than take a short walk around town in order to admire the history and beauty of this little village.

No, this is not a cupola but a dormer!  Such an interesting and eye catching shape.  A terrific little architectural detail.
So soothing and serene.  Come on in!
For me, it's the urn outside this door that's so appealing.
The colors seem brighter this time of year.
So inviting.
Born in Newport in 1665, you can locate Alexanders profile in Find-A-Grave here.
A simply decorated and pretty window.
Impeccably maintained, this gorgeous home speaks to a different era.
A sublime shade of blue.
It's the small details that make this peak so interesting.
A nod to the sea.
The walk down this path takes us through the history of this place.
Really take some time and think about the logistics of moving a building such as this one in 1800.
The simple elegance of the windows draws us in.
However, finding an ancient burying ground was wonderful.
Every historic cemetery should be adorned with daffodils!
Thank you to those of you who planted these bulbs!
"Lost at Sea".  Incredibly sad. 
So tranquil.


I adore this roofline!

Our historic New England towns were built around churches such as this one. 
Window shopping abounds here.

It's definitely Spring.

If you're a historic architecture buff, this one's for you.  Click here for more information on this town steeped in history.

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