I've often heard children say, "There's nothing to do today". I beg to differ. I'd like to inspire you to do something. Anything. Read. Bake. Hike. Fish. Plant. Sail. Climb. Play. Reach. Move. Laugh. Dream; and take time to sit with me on The Old Granite Step.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Fixer Upper or Tear It Downer?

I've watched this deteriorate over the years and I wonder....why?  Once upon a time, there were candles in each window; the glow emanating a warm and cozy feeling.  The decorative shingles always admired.  I can hear the carpenter's swing of the hammer on every one.  You know me...I'd like to save everything.  Fix the damage, mow the lawn, plant some geraniums in the whiskey barrel, right?  I used to think that perhaps the right side of the structure could be saved but now the corner is collapsing.  This just makes me sad.

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