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Friday, June 19, 2020

Baby wrens and a nest in the watering can.

I love this vintage watering can.  For the

past several years, it's been home to a family of wrens!  Wrens are chatty, somewhat friendly little birds that prefer to build their nests in things.  Although the garage doors are always closed, they can squeak through the lower corner of the door.  Several years ago, they chose a lovely old coffee can (holding hardware) for a comfortable and cozy nest.  They've been in the watering can for two years in a row.  It's a wonderful spot that's safe from most predators and out of the weather.
I know the wrens well enough to recognize their distress call.  It's a call they use when the neighbor's cat is close by or a bigger bird is looming at the suet.  This time, they appeared to be calling out directions to these little ones; making their initial flight over to the patio.
The chatter only lasted several minutes and all of the birds had flown off.  I was lucky enough to grab the camera before they all disappeared into the great blue yonder.  Truly one of my favorite birds.
A bit stunned.
This poor little one seemed less enthused about leaving the nest than its siblings.
This one found a "perch" on the arm of a chair.
I was amazed at the fact that they all made it out of the garage in an orderly, albeit sporadic, production!  In about 10 minutes time, they had all flown away.
The watering can has a new duty and will remain in it's hanging location until next spring!  It's one of my favorites; perhaps that's why they chose it for their home.

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a 
part of the silence.”

 Robert Lynd

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