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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

It's Earth Day! Peruse your seed catalogs and plan your garden.

Earth Day began 

50 years ago.  I remember it well as I was in grade school.  We planted flowers, picked up trash and made posters.  And we did it all without the internet!  Now it's a global resource for taking care of the planet we love.
The Hudson Valley Seed Company is one of my favorites.  Their "art packs" are beautiful and offer different artists the opportunity to put their own gardening ideas down on paper.  Art packs make lovely gifts!
 Seed catalogs offer tips and suggestions for all levels of gardening.  Always useful.
 Zinnias happen to be a personal favorite.
 I think this may be my favorite cover this year....
 Burpee is 144 years old according to their catalog.  
The Territorial Seed Company always offers a cover that's "coffee table worthy".  
 Check your planting zone in any seed catalog.  You've got lots of time left to plant!
A lovely cover indeed!  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has issued their 23rd catalog.  So while they're not hundreds of years old, they provide another seed avenue.

Although I typically sign up for my free catalogs in the fall, check with each company individually.  They may still have catalogs to send out.  If not, sign up for next year as soon as you can!  Many catalogs include recipes!  I have noticed that due to COVID 19, there are some shipping delays.  Be patient; just as you are while waiting for your garden to grow!  

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