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Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Florence Griswold Museum; Old Lyme, Connecticut.

If you haven't visited the

Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut, you must put it on your calendar!  

Of course I couldn't resist a photo of the old granite step!

Avian Composition with Warblers, 2018
There are several places to view artwork on the property.  I encourage you to see everything!

This was my absolute favorite piece of art!  If you've been reading The Old Granite Step for several years, you may remember my post about my own collection of bird eggs.
It's a small collection but I cherish it.

As a child, I remember my mom and dad going out to dinner at the "Ferry Tavern".  If my memory serves me correctly, it burned down and was never rebuilt.


The gorgeous colors draw us in.
A very special canoe, indeed.

The gardens are lovely this time of year.

Can we step through to a time gone by?

The newer buildings on the property blend in to the waterside landscape nicely.

A shady spot to sit and ponder the view.
A young person's art class has just adjourned.  
The original house beckons to us....please come and browse.
So many footsteps before us on this porch.

The artist currently on display has an affinity for bugs of all kinds and colors!
I can't describe how elegant and frightening this is all at once; you must see it for yourself.
Once again, the use of furniture for a display is captivating.
Original artwork on the door panels is stunning!

Bees nests abound in this d├ęcor.

Yes, they are all real.
This petite dresser at the bottom of the stairs caught my eye.

It's time for you to take your buttons out of the jar.  Be creative!
Simply elegant wallpaper.

The dining room is adorned with small paintings.

The current exhibition is tastefully woven into the room.

A painting over the mantel reveals a bare-chested Childe Hassam (so we're told by the docent), as the artists poke fun at themselves.
Every tea service needs a nearby piece of art to enhance it.
Can you imagine Florence placing her hand here as she graces the stairway....
Echoes of the past.
This wonderful rendition of Hassam's private space was created a mere 110 years ago.

A favorite as I have been to the Isles of Shoals.  Hassam's close friend, Celia Thaxter lived on Appledore and although her house no longer stands, her garden is lovely.

Displays are perfectly coordinated.
Another favorite.  My peonies simply don't compete.  Matilda Browne, Peonies, circa 1907
Miniatures are showcased here, along with supplies.  

Happiness is an easel in the woods.

Be sure to have lunch while you are there.
Several cottages adorn the property.  Couldn't you just move right in?

A splendid day.
We capped the day off with ice cream from the Hallmark Drive In (under new management).
Terrific ice cream.  Wonderful view.

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