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Thursday, June 20, 2019

The lupines are worth the drive.

If you've ever driven up

the coast of Maine this time of year, you know what I'm talking about!  Breathtaking, beautiful, glorious....all of that and more.  The lupines that are shown here are self-seeding and year after year, they produce a spectacular display of color.
The spires of the lupine reach for the sun.  Some are taller than others; just like people, each one seems to have it's own personality.
If you love various shades of purple and blue, then lupines are for you!  Although they do come in pinks, yellows and white too, the blues are my favorite.
Occasionally, we'll see lupines in someone's garden.  Did you receive your seed catalogues this year?  Be sure to order some seeds to sprinkle in your own garden.  You may also be able to find young plants at your local nursery.
Lupines + A Water View = Happiness.
A sparse patch but equally as wonderful.
I think the lupine may be my favorite flower of all.
Simplistic perfection.
The perfect subject for a artist.

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