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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Stumbling upon another abandoned old house in New England.

When we're traveling along the back

roads of the New England countryside, my camera is always close by.  What is the allure of an empty house?  Perhaps one that's been empty for years and years?  We can close our eyes and hear the children playing in the yard, or picture the craftsman who cut the lovely trim for the house.
This one is in Maine; not too far from the ocean.  On a well-traveled road, it makes me wonder how it has become so run down.  In my heart I like to believe anything can be saved, but this one makes me wonder.
Can't you just imagine what it's like lounging on the upstairs sleeping porch on a hot summer night?  Or sipping iced tea on the porch downstairs on a lazy Sunday afternoon?
Is this mirror a product of an arts and crafts class?  Someone took the time to create it; what a shame it's been left behind.
Sadly, we've watched this house decay over the years. The roof line is straight; maybe not so on the porch.  But for the time being, let's imagine that someone has purchased it and wishes to preserve it.  If it were only for sale....

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