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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Abandoned in Southern New England.

Situated in a location that's not

as remote as you would think, this gorgeous old home continues to decay while left to it's own defenses.  The humans move out and the wildlife moves in.
More than likely built in the 1800's, this large residence, or should I say former residence, reminds us of an earlier time.
What a wonderful window!  The corbels were probably cut by hand.  Can you imagine what it looked like when it was brand new?
Picture the front door open wide during the hot summer months!  Children and perhaps dogs and cats coming and going.  A gentle breeze flowing through the house.
Why do we let this happen?  It is the rising cost of upkeep in an antique home?  Smaller families?  Antique homes are typically taxed in a higher bracket.  Should we be offering grant money in order to keep our architectural history intact?  Unless you're a non-profit organization or a municipality, grants are very rarely available for these properties.  The hawk will stand sentinel until there's nothing left to stand on.

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