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Monday, April 30, 2018

Revitalizing the raised garden beds.

Only a few short weeks ago, the garden beds were under snow.  One of the many Noreasters that we

endured damaged the fence around the garden.  The weight of the heavy, wet snow combined with the howling wind, took it's toll on our outdoor oasis.

After replacing three of the fence posts, we focused our energy on the raised boxes themselves.
The boxes are constructed of cedar.  With a vent for proper airflow, the inside of the box contains a metal bracket that originally held a piece of plywood that the dirt would sit on.
Unfortunately, all of the plywood was rotten and needed to be removed from almost every box.
There are a couple of boxes where the plywood hasn't rotted yet.  We decided to replace those next year.
 All of the dirt was shoveled out of each box.
 Perhaps we'll keep the old trellises and plant sweet peas!
 The old kitchen window will make a perfect cold frame next spring.

Since the boxes hadn't been used in several years, the mice had moved in!
Just like Mr. McGregor's garden!
A little elbow grease and the dirt was all removed.

 New pressure treated slats were made to fit the old frame.
 We stapled landscape fabric to the new platform.

 The dirt was shoveled back into the box and we're ready to plant!  Stay tuned.....

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