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Friday, December 23, 2016

Making evergreen roping.

Evergreen roping is so seasonal!  It's not difficult to

make, just a bit time consuming.  You'll need clippers for the greens and some green floral wire.
I worked with balsam fir and white pine, cutting pieces about 14 inches in length.  Once you've measured your door, you can get started.
I carefully wired the pieces together, wrapping around several branches to strengthen the tie.
Prior to hanging the roping over the door, I laid it out to make any necessary adjustments.
I put a nail over each corner on the door to hang the roping from.  Using a small piece of the wire I attached the roping to the nail; making sure it would stay put in the wind.
 This piece needed to be extra long.
 The very next day, the snow was a natural decoration.
A lovely frame for the wreath!

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