I've often heard children say, "There's nothing to do today". I beg to differ. I'd like to inspire you to do something. Anything. Read. Bake. Hike. Fish. Plant. Sail. Climb. Play. Reach. Move. Laugh. Dream; and take time to sit with me on The Old Granite Step.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Preparing the porch for the summer.

The weather is warming up and it's a good time to think about

preparing your porch for summer.  This old rocking chair has seen better days but it's so comfortable! 
Of course you always need a stack of old magazines.  Sit and enjoy the afternoon pouring through books and magazines that inspire decorating style!
A vintage tablecloth is a necessity.
The porcelain doorknobs are a bonus and look lovely against the aqua door..
I found this old and colorful rag rug at a consignment shop in Maine.
A fresh coat of white paint livens things up.
Pick a "summery" fabric for your cushions.
Tea on the porch is always welcome.
These curtain rods serve their purpose well and have been here for many, many years.
The look pulls together nicely.
Two tag sale find lamps for late afternoon or rainy day reading.
If we only had the key!
A fresh bouquet from the garden is a lovely touch.

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