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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Picnic food.

 Picnic season has officially begun!

It's relatively easy to throw a quick barbecue together using what you have in your pantry.
This chicken was soaked overnight in a mix of tea, lemon, onion, sea salt and rosemary.
Of course macaroni and cheese is on the menu!  Although not cooked on the grill, it's a staple at a picnic.  Your choice of cheese and noodles with a dash of bread crumbs on top.
Traditional barbecued chicken is a must!  Have the hand wipes ready.
 Cut up your favorite vegies and soak them in Italian dressing.
 This side offers color to the table.
 Baked beans too; home made or canned.  Your preference!
Plenty of food for everyone!

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