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Saturday, May 7, 2016

An historic inn....The Eagle Mountain House.

 Nestled on a picturesque mountainside in New Hampshire, the Eagle Mountain House

in Jackson, is a wonderful spot for a much needed respite.  Boasting a cozy tavern and a lovely dining room, there's no need to leave the mountain!  Although not in working order, the historic inn exhibits original features in some cases.
Historic Hotels of America highlights historic places to treasure.  The past blended with the present and in some cases of renovation; the future.
 This fabulous doorknob leads to the bath.
We sat on the fantastic porch and enjoyed our coffee.
The hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; as it should be.
The stately carriage house is a bit dated but slated for renovation. 
An early morning walk around the golf course led to this beautiful view of the inn.  Click here if you'd like to visit and play golf on the USGA golf course.
It fits perfectly into the terrain.

This old sign now resides in the dining room.
A room key with character!
Although the metal roof isn't original to the building, it is certainly attractive and weather worthy.
A great place full of charm and perfect for a short get away.

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