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Sunday, February 21, 2016

One Saturday Morning in Maine

Bitter cold temperatures gripped the coast

of Maine last weekend.  The icicles reached half way down the cottage exterior!  Despite the cold air, we decided to bundle up and take a short ride along the water.
 A general store gone by.....
This antique beauty is for sale.  Go here for more information.  Don't you just love the way it rambles out to the attached barn?  Be sure to bring your tools!
 This scenic working fishing harbor continues working in the cold weather.
 You can see the edge of the storm over Monhegan Island.
 A rocky coastline indeed.
 The storm moves further and further off shore.
 A white blanket of snow covers departed loved ones.
 How many storms has this old barn weathered?
 Spring will be here before we know it and this dinghy will be back at work.
A very cozy Maine village on a cold winter day.

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