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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The weekend's consignment finds.

Well it's that time of year again!  Yard sales, tag sales and flea markets.  A friend in the south asked me once "What do you sell at a tag sale - tags?"  I never considered that tag sale was regionally defined.  Of course, we're not selling our "yard" at a yard sale and we're not selling "fleas" at a flea market either!  This past weekend, there seemed to be a plethora of road side attractions selling items that I absolutely didn't need, nor necessarily want.  But the draw of the game pulled me in and I came home with the following items that, as truth be told, are still on my kitchen table waiting for me to find a proper place to put them!

I admit that it wasn't the color pink on this gorgeous dish that was calling my name.  I'm not really a "pink" person.  It was the golden allure of the lobster!  Gold after all, is such a rich color, bringing the illusion of wealth to any dining room; right?
The Germany stamp makes me wonder about it's age.
A serial number?  Are there other pieces to the set?  Plates to match?
I've been sewing since I was a kid in 4-H.  Not only did the 70's packaging draw me in, but it's an entire length of pearl emblazoned soutache; something we all need in our sewing rooms.
"Sew" pretty!
I chuckled when I saw this and I think I gasped when I smelled it!  The smell of my dad's garage was instantly upon me.  Motor oil and sawdust wafted through the room.  Perhaps your dad had one of these in his toolbox....a folding tape measure.  
Each click represents twelve inches of length.
Folded up like an accordion.
This one has a brass extension "slide".
Made by Stanley, now Stanley Black and Decker.
Published in 1931, this delightful little cookbook is a terrific addition to my meager collection.
I'll be testing some of these recipes in the near future.
I thought it was curious that a previous owner had glued this salmon souffle recipe inside the front cover.
Why would anyone discard this?  Another tasty find....I'll be sure to share some of these with you as well.

I probably won't be making picked herring but just in case you're interested.....
A pretty plate made by Homer Laughlin, a company known for "personalizing" plates such as those made for church fundraisers. 

My final purchase; an old cake decorating set.  Both of these frosting tubes have seen better days, but I loved the assortment of cap styles.
Complete with floral leaves, I will be using this in the kitchen.
I said I wasn't a "pink" person, but the snapdragons on the dining room table say otherwise!

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