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Monday, June 8, 2015

Covering the raspberries.

When we bought our well-worn but well-loved farm three years ago, it was hard to tell that there were even raspberries on the property.  They were a tangled mess; covered in leaves and brush from years gone by.  They're close to several old apple trees and it's really a lovely area that unfortunately, until now, was hard to walk through. 

Armed with a handful of metal stakes (re-purposed from an old goat pen), netting and a mallet, we made our way out to the newly reclaimed raspberry patch. 
If you're working outside, be sure to wear a hat that keeps the sun off your face!
Look for netting locally. 

You can cut it if you need to.
We carefully unfolded the netting and put it over the raspberries, thus able to keep the birds out.

The bees are able to get through the net and do their job.

Incredible to watch.

All set!  Sure to have plenty of raspberries for jam in August.

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