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Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring and Butterflies in Montreal

Spring officially begins today, however, with recent snow up to our windowsills, we found a need to go someplace warm.  I suppose you wouldn't normally think of Montreal as warm, but there are several places there that offer warmth, flowers and a bit of springtime; butterflies.  The Botanical Garden in Montreal is a must-see destination.  We had been there before so I didn't check to see what the exhibits were before going.  What a wonderful surprise!  The Butterflies Go Free exhibit was breath taking.  Walking among the butterflies of all shapes, sizes and colors was simply amazing.  If you can get to Montreal before April 26th, I strongly encourage you to do so.  
One of the smaller butterflies we saw.
This one seemed to "glow".

Very tempting but frowned upon.
The reverse of this butterflies wings is a beautiful blue. 
I love the intricate pattern shown here.  As if someone painted it.
The exhibit allows us to see the butterflies "hatch".
These were giant butterflies; from where we stood they looked to be six to seven inches wide.

The turquoise on these wings is incredible.
The grapefruit and oranges seem to be a favorite butterfly food.
Look closely at these "see through" wings.
The butterflies seem to be agreeable to each other.
These wings look like a waterfall.  Gorgeous.
More fruit including mellon and kiwi.  Scrumptious.

The touch of yellow on the wings compliments the flower.  Is that why the butterfly sits here?
A touch of color is all that's needed.

She couldn't help it!
Some of the butterflies seemed to hover closer to the ground.

A fabulous exhibit!  Visit if you can.

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