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Friday, March 6, 2015

More Snow and More Seed Catalogues

While Southern New England just received several more inches of snow, we were untouched yesterday.  It felt like a heatwave; twenty-eight degrees.  Nothing to plow and nothing to shovel.  A dream.  On top of that, there were three new seed catagogs waiting for us at the post office.  I'd like to suggest that whether you have a large garden, small garden, container garden or no garden at all....sign up for these free catalogs.  They are good for the soul!  Full of glorious photos of flowers and vegetables, I could sit for hours and peruse the catalogs.  We can only dream of sunny days and dirt!
This particular Breck catalog is full of sale prices.
If you haven't tried to grow dahlias, this is the year!
Coneflowers come in many colors and are one of my favorites.  Easy to grow.
There are also some cute garden adornments in this catalog.
I love the Territorial Seed catalog.  It typically has colorful artwork gracing the cover.
They offer loads of information about each product they sell.
Can't wait to see the orange colors in the garden again!
Wood Prairie Farm from Maine puts out a small but mighty catalog.
Offers some specialty seeds as well.
There's a large tool section as it's very important to the gardener.
I love the artwork in this catalog.

Just a little more melting required 
and we'll be gardening again!

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