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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Continuing our weekend in Montreal; visiting the Biodome and Botanical Garden.

We discovered the Biodome over ten years ago when we took a ski vacation to the Montreal region.  Our youngest son had a broken arm, so we needed to find things for him to do that didn't involve a pair of skiis!  The Biodome is located just outside of the city and it's very easy to get to.  It offers several different climates and until you get to the penguins, they are all relatively warm.  It's a wonderful place for children and adults alike.  This was a terrific weekend trip for us.  We stayed at the Bonaventure Hotel and although I could have spent the entire weekend in the rooftop (heated) outdoor pool, I'm glad we visited the Biodome and the Botanical Garden
The humidity in the rain forest affected the first photo, but the warmth felt so good!
Efforts have been made to create habitats for the animals that mimic a natural habitat.
It was nice to see green leaves and color cocooned inside of the outdoor snow!
The fish were oblivious to the cold outdoors.

We could hear the bats squeak but the flashless photos are black.  I think it's the way they like it.

Ahhh, the warm sand.
This little guy wouldn't sit still.

The displays are beautiful.
A cardinal; reminiscent of the ones at my bird feeder.
Flowers!  Dirt!  Things we haven't seen at home for months.
The sound of trickling water was peaceful.

Recognizable by the tail....
.....the racoon seems quite content.

The beaver dam is impressive, but where are the beavers?
A hidden camera allows us to see them in their home without intruding.

The lynx is a gorgeous creature.  Notice the tufts of fur on his ears.

He is keenly aware of the female next door.  This lynx was born at the Biodome.

Now we're at the shore.  There were many shore birds in this display.  Some were swooping over our heads.

We finish the tour in a colder region where penguins are right at home.

 We left the Biodome and returned to the Botanical Garden to experience the warmth and the color!
We don't often see signs like this around town.
 We can imagine planting our flower boxes.
 When I was a child we had Lady Slippers growing in the woods behind our house!
 Pretty and petite.
 I wish I could see the stepping stones in my garden!
 Gorgeous color.
 A fabulous diorama.

We took a drive through Old Montreal on our way back to the hotel.

Plan your trip to Montreal.  You won't be disappointed.  
Bon Voyage!

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