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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pay a visit to the New Bedford Museum of Glass!

We often hear that "Good things come in small packages."  At the New Bedford Musuem of Glass, that certainly rings true.  Located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, this petite but wonderful collection of glass is mesmerizing.  We were captivated by glass that dated back to 600 BC and awed by the crystal "chair" that greeted us as we entered the museum. Wonderful!

Emphasis is placed on local glass companies, such as Sandwich Glass and Pairpoint Glass from Cape Cod, as well as Mount Washington Glass, which was made in New Bedford.  The collection of glass paperweights is impressive.  These small works of art encapsulate tiny bits of artwork within.  They are all quite beautiful.  The display of vaseline, or uranium glass is spellbinding.  Displayed under black lights, the pieces "glow" due to the uranium content in the glass. Of course Corning is represented nicely; with highlights on Stueben.

The museum has been open for several years, but it continues to grow at a fast pace.  The curators of this small but engaging menagerie continue to expand the collection daily.  They are creating a library of "glass" related books that will soon be open to the public for research and enjoyment.

Part of the charm of this museum is that it's tucked behind an antique shop; the two simply go hand-in-hand.  Visit if you can; you won't be disappointed!

The collection of glass "molds" is notable.

The blue glass is my favorite.  This is part of an old whale oil lamp.

Another favorite....this mercury glass paperweight.

The display of uranium glass is breathtaking. 


A beautiful example of Mt. Washington Glass from New Bedford.

At one point, this wonderful Stueben piece titled "Trout & Fly"  had a gold "fly" attached.  Apparently, someone removed it.  The museum is currently having another fly created in order to complete the piece.  Stueben has released a replica piece for a limited time.  Click here for more information.

Don't miss this wonderful destination!

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