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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our Very Own Giant Pumpkin

These pumpkins were harvested for the Grange Fair at the end of August.  At that time, ours was still a babe in the garden!
We had never really tried to grow a "giant" pumpkin before.  I use the term "giant" loosely.  When our local Grange announced a pumpkin growing contest, we decided to enter! 

Free seeds were given out by the Grange and we were ready for them!
The right mix of soil is important. 
A hole is poked in the soil and the seeds are planted!

We had decided not to worry about the pumpkin.  We were going to let Nature take her course.  When the Grange called in August to see if we had a pumpkin growing, we had to go look.....and yes!  There was a giant pumpkin growing.

Two weeks later.....
.....and voila!
We watered the pumpkin quite a bit in the last several weeks.  On the day of harvest, it was pouring rain. 
The vine was carefully cut.  Serious giant pumpkin growers wait until the last minute to cut their pumpkin off the vine.  Some farmers even cut a couple of feet in either direction on the vine from where the pumpkin is growing.  They put the ends of the vines in water or milk so the pumpkin doesn't "shrink" upon harvesting.
We took advantage of the rain barrel in order to wash the pumpkin off.
We carefully loaded it into the back of the pick up for the ride up to the "weigh in".
Our competition!  Needless to say we did not win, but our color was wonderful compared to some of the larger pumpkins.  

The above pumpkins were auctioned off as a fundraiser.  You may recognize the second one in line as the Old Granite Step pumpkin!
We have decided not to carve our pumpkin into a Jack O' Lantern.  Instead it rests in a place of honor at the side door.  Our pumpkin is "giant" in our eyes.  We will save seeds to grow next year and will be sure to share some of those seeds with our local seed library!  A fun experience.

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