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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Images of an Abandoned House

This lovely antique home has looked like this for as long as I can remember.  The hillside views are beautiful.
Abandoned, adjective:  forsaken or deserted.

An abandoned house has a certain seductive and bewitching quality about it.  Years after the occupants have left their abode, daffodils grow in the front yard.  Curtains hang in the windows; faded, tattered and dusty.

It's easy to wonder; who was the last person to walk out and close the door?  Who was the last child to sit on the swing or catch the school bus at the end of the driveway?  When was the last time someone picked an apple from that tree?

Many times it isn't a house at all.  It could be a business who's customers stopped coming long ago or another type of significant shelter. 

In some instances, places like this tend to be torn down quickly so that new development can take place.  But in some, often remote locations, these dwellings stand untouched and allow our imaginations to wander....

Just imagine sitting on this porch and watching the birds.

The foundation on this home is a work of art.

Stone by stone.
This home has a metal roof.  Has the interior been somewhat preserved despite the neglect?

Not quite as old as some....is there still hope for this old farmhouse?

Many homes fall prey to highway projects.

Look closely at the gorgeous molding on this home.  The curved archway over the front door is inviting.  The front porch has since been removed.
This empty abode stands along a highway in South Dakota.  Perhaps they went further West.

Tiger lilies and daisies may have once graced the kitchen table.

This small summer community on the Canadian coast played a role in many family vacations....

....as did this cozy cottage in the Adirondacks.....

.....and this tiny cottage not far from Boston.

Farms like this dot the countryside of Virginia. 

It's so much more than just the house.  It's the land.

Only a stone's throw from the ocean, this home hasn't been loved in years.

This unique front door draws us in.  Notice how the shape of the gable vents match that of the door.

Sadly, the home was demolished.  Progress; they call it.
Overgrown is an understatement.

Some abandoned buildings aren't homes at all.  An old school on the coast of Newfoundland.
The equipment foretells the future for this graceful old building.  It was replaced by a modern day coffee shop.

Long since abandoned, this building stands on the island of Alcatraz.

Still standing with a little help.  Also on the Newfoundland coast.

Abandoned in the 80's, could the Nichewaug Inn in Massachusetts be resurrected?

What a wonderful chimney!

In California, this abandoned outbuilding stands sentinel to the coastline.

A railroad stop on Long Island.  It doesn't appear that a train has stopped here in a very long time.

This home has been empty for years.  It's a fine example of early "saltbox" architecture.  There is a glimmer of hope; it was recently sold and there is a dumpster in the side yard. 
This is North American history.

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  1. HI, I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident. I have spent the whole morning reading through your entries. I love the old house post, but I have a softness for old houses or "crumbling mansions" as I call them. Please post often -- I am bookmarking your blog.